Artificial intelligence has finally cracked the biggest challenge in poker

mmogame | 29 July, 2019 04:43

Artificial intelligence has finally cracked the biggest challenge in poker: beating top professionals in six-player, no-limit Texas Hold ’Em, the most popular variant of the game.Over 20,000 hands of online poker, the AI beat 15 of the world’s top poker players, each of whom has won more than $1 million playing the game professionally.

The AI, called Pluribus, was tested in 10,000 games against five human players, as well as in 10,000 rounds where five copies of Pluribus played against one professional – and did better than the pros in both. Pluribus was developed by Noam Brown of Facebook AI Research and Tuomas Sandholm at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania. It is an improvement on their previous poker-playing AI, called Libratus, which in 2017 outplayed professionals at Heads-Up Texas Hold ’Em, a variant of the game that pits two players head to head.

They were playing the most popular form of poker: no limit Texas Hold 'Em. There were six players per game (sometimes five humans would play against Pluribus; sometimes five versions of the bot would play against one human). Over the course of 10,000 hands of poker, the AI system was a fierce competitor, winning in both types of play by a decisive margin, according to co-creator Noam Brown, a research scientist at Facebook AI Research.

"There were several plays that humans simply are not making at all, especially relating to its bet sizing. Bots/AI are an important part in the evolution of poker, and it was amazing to have first-hand experience in this large step toward the future." provides you inexpensive Facebook Poker Chips, such as Zynga Poker Chips and Texas Hold'em Poker Chips. Enjoy the fast delivery of items at reasonable price.


mmogame | 24 July, 2019 23:46

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